We are an IRS approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established to help underprivileged children in rural areas of Nepal. We believe that no child should be deprived of education. Please help us in this venture and let’s work together in securing their very right of going to school. Your contributions can help to shape better future for these children and build healthier society.

There are many unfortunate children in Nepal who are deprived of basic level of education. Based on UN statistics, 80% of Nepalese population practices traditional agriculture and are living under poverty line. This contributes heavily towards poor literacy rate mainly amongst children. Like all parents, their parents must have big wishes for their children. Like all children, their small eyes must be sewing beautiful dreams. Protect Kids Dream is an attempt to encourage such dreams. It is our attempt to show that we care. And, with every gesture we make, smaller or bigger, we would like to show them that we love them. Let us together take a step to help form a better and brighter future for our small heros. "Let us give them that chance, let us “Protect Kids Dream".


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