Kiran Bhandari

Kiran Bhandari is 9 years old currently studying in 4th grade in Shree Pragati Lower Secondary School in Nawalparasi, Nepal.

His father, Mr. Somraj Bhandari, passed away few years back and has been raised by single mom Ms. Sabitra Bhandari. Like other families, their main source of income is agriculture with annual income of $375 while the expenses being $385. They are having problems in getting their basic needs met and accessing decent housing and other health services where going to school becomes out of question. Altogether, there are six members in the family which rely totally on single person's income. Sabitra has hard time fulfilling her children’s basic needs which puts education in a big question mark. Our Non-Profit Organization ProtectKidsDream has provided Kiran with full scholarship including his basic needs and stationeries.