Scholarship Distribution, Mar 3, 2012

The Grant ceremony for 2012 was held in Shree Pragati Secondary School, located at Pragatinagar-3 in Nawalparasi, Nepal. Three students Kiran, Megha, and Purnamaya were delighted to receive scholarships. All three children belong to poor families struggling to support their kids education.

Prior to their selection for scholarship distribution, team members in Nepal personally visited the families of the children, to look into their current living situation. Pushed by poverty these children were forced to drop out of school very early in their life. Many of them have never experienced what sitting in a classroom is. Challenged to even feed their children, the families had no option than turning blind eye towards their education. Poverty is not a sole culprit, these children were facing many other challenges within family and from the society. Kiran has an alcoholic father and an unemployed mother. Their Annual Income is less than $160. PKD is an orphan raised by her grandparents, who live in a family of seven. Similar is the case for Purnamaya.

Protect kids Dreams inspired by many noble efforts and such examples believes in holistic approach and looks in long term sustainability of our initiation. We are proud to mention that we are also being able to look after children by providing them with Books, Stationeries, and toiletries every year. We ensure to provide our children with the best possible environment to flourish, putting minimal burden on their families for their education. We distributed these awards to our brave children by holding a ceremony in the presence of entire school staff, children’s family members and local people. The ceremony introduced the organization’s mission to the people living in that locality. The program ended with the positive message and the smiles of delightful parents and their lovely children, and also with heaps of fun!!

Although small, PKD members were glad to make their first step towards the organization’s mission. We are excited and looking forward to helping more children who need our support and love.